Ever have clients ask to hire you BEFORE you even get to the end of your sales call? 


WARNING: The Chatbot Agency Playbook can do that for you!


The Chatbot Agency Playbook is the definitive program for those looking to start a chat marketing agency or add chatbot services to their existing business and have clients begging to hire them!

There are 3 BIG problems that I often hear from people that come to me for advice on starting their own Chatbot agency


1. It is hard to find clients that "get it."  Talking to potential clients can be frustrating when they don't really understand the value of chatbots and if they don't "get it" they don't think they should invest in your services. 


2. Proving my skills is hard when this is a relatively new industry. It feels like a circular problem that never goes away. You need clients to get testimonials and clients want testimonials before they are willing to invest. 


3. Figuring out pricing, packages, and delivering the client's services is challenging. I get it!  Getting your agency set up so that you can land clients, get them awesome results, and continue delivering services on an ongoing basis can feel overwhelming. 



Inside Chatbot Agency Playbook you will discover the answer to all of these problems and more. 

A a member of the Chatbot Agency Playbook, You Will Learn...

1. Exactly how to position your agency so that businesses are coming to you for your services instead of the other way around.  With my system, you can present your value with ease without having to do exhausting, frustrating sales calls that don't convert leads to clients. 


2. How to show potential clients your expertise even before you have your first testimonial. I will give you the tools that you need to shine and a proven strategy for getting clients even if you don't have very much experience.   


3. Proven ways to set up your packages, price them, and deliver services to your clients.  I will show you exactly how to create packages and pricing structures that sell plus I will give you my complete client management system. 


4. How to outsource and/or purchase white label services so you can take on more clients without giving up more time. I will teach you how to find people or other agencies to do the bot building for you so that you can focus on bringing in new clients. 

What You Get


The program includes 4 comprehensive training modules. Learn how to choose a niche, create plans and pricing, generate leads and sell your services, and then learn how to manage delivery of your services to your clients.  


You are not going through the program alone, each week, you will get access to a live training call where you can get your questions answered and get feedback as you go through the program modules. 


You will have access to a private Facebook Group where you can get your questions answered by me, my team, and your fellow agency owners. 

What's Inside?

  • 1. Bot Building Workshop

    All the ins and outs of building bots. If you have already been building bots, this module will help you build them even better!.

  • 3. Packaging and Pricing

    One of the most asked questions that I get is how do I package and price my services? In this module I will answer that question and you will build your services menu. 

  • 5. Marketing Workshop

    You know how to build bots, you have the perfect ideal client, a menu of services and a bot that will sell to them, in this module we will talk about how to drive traffic to that bot and watch the magic happen. 

  • 2. Choosing an ideal client

    In this module, we will be sure you have chosen a client that you can get results for quickly. This is not the usual figure out your ideal client avatar, this module is about the results you can create for different types of clients.  

  • 4. Converting Clients

    The very best way to teach potential clients about bots and convert them is with a bot! In this module you will learn how to create a bot that sells bots!

  • 6. Client Systems

    In the final module, we will talk all about delivering your services to your clients including outsourcing and using white label services.  

How is it delivered?


The course modules are delivered inside of a course portal. You will have access to all course modules including any updates for life. The first module will be available on March 1st.  


You also get access to a Private Facebook Group where you can watch the recordings of the live sessions if you are unable to attend them live (or if you just want to watch them again)


Plus, you get access to 6 months of "Jam Sessions" held inside zoom and shared in the group where we will brainstorm and create new bot flows and ideas to continuing delivering even more value to your clients.  

Ready for raving clients like this one?

Since hiring Amy I feel so comforted to know she has got my back. She not only knows the most up to date practices and easily interjects my personality into my bots / emails but she get wicked amazing results! One tweak and I instantly got 3 sales from one of her email / bot broadcasts!

Laura Rike, Pinterest Coach

Join NOW!

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The program starts on FEBRUARY 17, 2020  


My A's to Your Most Frequent Q's

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