Hi! I'm


Founder & CEO of

Strada Global

Our Mission: To disrupt the conversation in the real estate industry by constantly challenging the status quo and innovating as the market and industry demand. As the industry shifts, so do the needs of agents and clients therefore, we endeavor to provide all of the tools and resources an agent needs to take care of their clients and run a profitable business powered by the Strada brand. 




Our Vision:  We believe every agent deserves a brokerage that encourages business growth and profitability.  Every client deserves a highly trained agent that knows that all roads lead to home and therefore provides excellent service with joy, integrity and innovation. 

To me, real estate is about helping families to thrive in a space that works for the way they do life.  Real estate is about building strong communities. Real estate is about bringing dreams to life.  

I didn't always understand any of that.  In fact, back in 2010, real estate wasn't really even on my mind on the day that I found out that my husband had been kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint in Africa.  My husband and I had been running a business consulting company that had him on the road more than at home. On that day however, everything changed.  He was eventually released and made it home safely, albeit very changed by the frightening experience. 


On that pivotal day, we decided that we no longer wanted to do the kind of business consulting that would have him traveling to dangerous places for work.  We decided to shift our focus to a new industry.  We realized that our business development and growth skills would translate really well to the real estate industry where every REALTOR is running their own small business.


We bought into a big international brand franchise and opened our brokerage with the idea that we would be different than any other brokerage out there.  We would support our agents with business planning and development coaching and bring them new and innovative ideas. 


We were able to accomplish quite a bit using that model, but in some ways, because we were a franchise, our hands were tied and I wasn't able to really implement everything I wanted to do. 


And so... Strada was born.  


Strada is one of my proudest accomplishments. It is the culmination of years of learning what Real Estate Agents want and need to not only be successful in their businesses, but also in their lives.  I am also proud of the culture of collaboration and ongoing learning that we have created so that our agents have everything they need to support and guide our clients every step of the way.  


Strada is real estate done the right way.  It is real estate that allows us to make a significant impact in our local communities. It is real estate that brings dreams to life and helps families to thrive.  It is real estate that understands that all roads lead to home.