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What if you could eliminate life limiting fears, phobias or anxieties in 5 easy steps? What if we told you that the power to eliminate them is already in you? Learn 4 truths about how fears work in our lives and how to use our 5-step process to give fear a swift kick in the rear for life.


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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Therapy

Do you have a specific habit such as emotional eating, smoking, or drinking you want to quit? Or maybe there is a feeling such as fear, anxiety, resentment that you would love to tackle. 


If you are ready to re-train your brain, schedule an NLP Session, and transform your life.  

Become a Certified NLP Coach

Would you like to build a successful NLP coaching business?  Are you ready to create incredible results with your clients? 


We combine solid training on NLP techniques with business and marketing strategy to help you start or grow a profitable coaching business.



Are the lies you tell yourself

holding you back?

Ours did too!

Here's Our Truth!


Tina C.

Michael and Amy Hartmann bring true compassion and years of expertise to their coaching experiences. They have strong communication skills and design experiences based on individual needs. They will guide you through the how-to's of designing your personal goals and business goals to be attainable and realized. I highly recommend that you seek out an opportunity to work with them."

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